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Year 2018 - Volume 28 - Issue 3

Does Educational Level Affect Vulvar Perception?
JCOG. 2018;28(3):95-104
DOI: 10.5336/jcog.2018-61758
Article Language: EN
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Objective: The purpose of this study was to reveal whether educational status level affects vulvar perception. Material and Methods: The participants were separated into three groups according to their educational status, with the first Group consisting of participants who were primary school graduates, the second Group those who were middle school/high school graduates, and the third Group included those who had studied at the post-graduate or doctoral level. A total of 17 questions about genital perception were posed using a questionnaire. Results: Among the groups, no differences were observed in terms of satisfaction with the genital area (p= 0.293). The satisfaction rates and aesthetic desires of the individuals who had the highest level and the lowest level of education were similar; however, it was observed that the middle group found the image of their genital area less normal (p=0.026), and it was determined that more of the participants in this group planned to have aesthetic surgery than those in the other groups (p¡Ü0.001). In Group 2, of the participants, 23.6% stated that they would like to undergo aesthetic surgery if they could financially afford it, while this rate was 6.6% and 8.9% in Groups 1 and 3, respectively (p=0.007). Conclusion: Vulvar perception is higher in both low and high levels of awareness. The participants having a middle-level education might have been using the media in a wrong way and thus had difficulties in obtaining accurate and reliable information.

Keywords: Appearance; cosmetic surgery; education; vulva; vulvar perception; genital perception; media exposure