Peer Review Process

In Journal of Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology, the evaluation process of a manuscript is as follows:

Manuscript first arrival assessment (Duration 1 working day): The manuscript service checks the forms that the authors of the manuscript should sign, and if there is something missing or an error is found, they ask the author to correct the missing information. Edited or whole manuscript is presented to the publishing committee for preliminary evaluation within one working day.

Publishing Committee preliminary evaluation (Duration 3 working days): The publishing committee preliminary evaluates the manuscript for the following: subject-content, methodology, being up-to-date, contribution to the literature, the density of the manuscripts in the same category traded in the journal (compilation, case presentation etc.) or format aspects of the subject matter. As a result of this evaluation, the manuscript may not be subjected to scientific evaluation and returned directly to the authors. The manuscript decided to be taken for scientific evaluation is sent to the manuscript service for formal control.

Format Control (Duration 1 working day): The manuscript is checked by the manuscript service according to the journal writing rules (summaries, source software, suitability of rules of shape-table-graphics, error in transitional sequence in the text etc.). The edited manuscript is presented to the editorial evaluation.

Editorial Evaluation (Duration 7 working days): The editor preliminarily reviews the manuscript and decides whether it should be taken into consideration for the journal. The editor appoints two referees from among the members of the arbitral committee who have the work related to the branch of the manuscript, provided that the authors do not serve in the same institution on the manuscripts decided to be evaluated. In order to ensure authorship and referee privacy, all personal and communication information of the author or everything describing the authors of the manuscript are closed by editing service for review by the double-blind method. The blind copies prepared for the consultants are sent to the consultants by the editing services.

Referee Evaluation (Duration 20 days): Referees should evaluate within 20 days. If the referee does not report any response within the time limit, their role in manuscript is terminated. If at least one of the referees' opinions is negative, the manuscript may be sent to a third independent referee.

After evaluation responses from the referees; the manuscript may be rejected, accepted or editing is required.

Author Correction (Duration 25 days): The referee and editor's comments are forwarded to the correspondence author of the manuscript. When corrections are made to the manuscript, the corrected or added fields must be colored and marked in the file. Authors should answer editorial and referee criticisms, as well as report corrections made in manuscripts. The articles that need to be corrected must be corrected within 25 days and sent back to the journal. The articles that cannot be answered within the correction period or whose reasoning is not requested for an additional period of time will be terminated.

Editor Final Assessment (Duration 7 working days): Articles coming from the editor for the decision after the corrections; if the referees indicate that they wish to see the corrections, they will be sent back to the referees in the final version. In other cases, the editor may wish to re-evaluate the final version of the article, specify a new referee, reject the article, or accept it.

Informing the Authors about the Evaluation Results (Duration 1 working day): As a result of the scientific evaluation, the authors are notified by e-mail if they are accepted or rejected for publication in the editorial decree.

In rejected articles, the reason for editorial decision and if there are any final comments from referees, they are sent to all authors via personal automation pages.